Dec 28, 2000

WWEMA Hits the Hill

A select group of representatives from municipal and industry organizations
were recently invited to meet with Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), the new chairman of
the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, to discuss the issues
surrounding the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act. Topics included
infrastructure funding, drinking water regulations (arsenic, radon and MTBE),
wet weather issues, nonpoint source pollution and total maximum daily loads.
During the meeting, Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers
Association members noted to the Senator that voluntary measures to control
runoff from animal feeding operation have failed. WWEMA further explained that
there are technologies available for treating these wastes and they will only be
used when regulations are in place. WWEMA further stated that cost-effective
technologies exist for treating MTBE should Congress mandate the clean up of
contaminated sites.
Since 1908, WWEMA has informed, educated and provided leadership on the
issues that shape the future of the water and wastewater industry.