Dec 12, 2005

WWD—No Strings Attached

Here we are again, appearing in standard-size format just in time for the holiday shopping season. Now that you’ve dug out the latest issue of Water & Wastes Digest from the piles of holiday gift catalogs in your mailbox, you can take it along to read on your family’s next marathon shopping trip. Even if you’re spending a fortune on gifts this year, you can always count on us—at least we’re free.
All jokes aside, we believe our 2006 Reference Guide, published in a standard-size format, will be an essential addition to your reference library.
This comprehensive guide contains 12 case studies that get to the heart of water- or wastewater-related problems and offer relevant solutions. If there is a problem with a pump in the water plant, or you are looking for a new way to handle sludge at the wastewater plant, you can refer to this guide for an applicable and easy-to-read case study.
Beyond the case studies, this issue of Water & Wastes Digest offers a host of feature stories on subjects ranging from the long-term impacts of hurricanes Katrina and Rita to our annual State of the Industry/2006 Industry Forecast article. In this article, a number of water/wastewater industry professionals share their thoughts on the current health of the industry and expectations for 2006.
Finally, this issue offers the Top 20 Products of 2005, comprising products that generated the most responses from our readers, as well as our 2006 Product Compendium, which includes products relevant to every application in the water/wastewater industry.
We hope you find this issue of Water & Wastes Digest more useful than the wave of holiday catalogs you found in your mailbox and an essential point of reference throughout 2006.

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