WR3 Recognized for Technology Innovation in Sludge and Odor Treatment

Frost & Sullivan presented WR3 Technologies, Inc., a licensee of Whaddon Water Management, Inc., with the 2005 Award for Technology Innovation of the Year in the U.S. sludge and odor treatment equipment market.
WR3 Technologies, Inc. has exhibited excellence as a leading market participant in the area of secondary sludge management. It has uncovered solutions for problems faced by the pulp and paper markets by providing a range of highly innovative water reuse technologies within industrial processes to the market.
The company’s consistent efforts in technology innovation demonstrate its commitment to meet the critical needs of the pulp and paper industry and stay at the forefront of the competitive landscape. Among the various technological innovations, the Oxycair solution for secondary sludge has excelled in capturing the attention of both market participants and end users across the pulp and paper industry. This is the only technology which adopts non-chemical methods of stabilizing bioactive sludge, allowing it to be recycled within a traditional activated sludge treatment system, eliminating handling and disposal requirements.
Oxycair technology is based on concurrent physical mechanisms occurring within multiple reactor vessels. The final discharge from Oxycair XPM technology is high-purity product water permitting the recovery of the treated wastewater for reuse in most applications. Very high levels of treated water recovery are obtained, reaching 80 to 97.5% purity.
Oxycair also provides a host of risk reductions; stops biological odor generation at the source; involves no chemical handling or storage; improves the environmental and calorific value of mixed sludge; and has automatic flow and loading adjustments.
Frost & Sullivan’s research team has determined that technological innovation is a key metric for success according to the present market landscape. WR3 Technologies, Inc has demonstrated excellence in this field through the implementation of a sound research and development strategy that has led it to innovate technologies and thus establish a significant market position.

Frost & Sullivan

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