ISA Announces New Building Automation Systems Division

The Building Automation Systems Div. will launch next month

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has announced the formation of a new technical division, the Building Automation Systems Div., which was approved at the society’s annual Fall Leaders Meeting in October in Mobile, Ala. The new technical division will launch January 2012.

The division was organized for building automation professionals who design, build, install, troubleshoot, operate and manage building automation systems, and who seek to adhere to best practices to ensure optimum system operation and performance. The division was formed to aid these professionals as they apply available standards and technology to building control systems.

Technical divisions are ISA membership groups that offer networking and educational activities to members around the world who work in the same industries or who have similar technical interests. Networking can be done via email discussions lists, in person at events and via newsletters. Technical division members are encouraged to write, review, and present technical papers at ISA symposia and ISA Automation Week, and to publish technical papers. Division members also plan and conduct ISA’s annual symposia.

ISA has 16 other Technical Divisions that are divided between two departments: the Automation and Technology Department and the Industries and Sciences Department.

International Society of Automation

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