Nov 02, 2018

Winery Saves Precious Facility Space, Reuses Wastewater With Membrane Bioreactor

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In 2006, Hess Collection Winery in northern California started up a new 37.8-cu-meter-per-day (10,000-gpd) membrane bioreactor (MBR). Wineries in Northern California traditionally have relied on wastewater treatment systems that are land intensive but require minimal operational assistance. Giving up land for wastewater treatment did not make economical sense for this winery. This whitepaper explores the compact footprint, high effluent quality and relatively low operational systems requirements of the MBR that made it an attractive option to the winery. Summit designed an MBR system that was started-up in November 2006. BOD5 and TSS removal efficiencies of greater than 99% were achieved.

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