WestWater Research Announces 2013 Water Investor Conference

Conference will be held in Los Angeles at the Terranea Resort, May 16 and 17

WestWater Research LLC will be hosting its annual Water Investor Conference in Los Angeles May 16 and 17.  The conference is a dedicated event about the increasing value proposition for water as a real asset and its correlation to the agriculture industry.

Since its inception in 2001, WestWater has identified investment strategies and secured water rights for its clients.  Additionally, WestWater and American Water Intelligence have teamed up to produce a yearly conference series about the water industry.  This particular conference will explore current trends and opportunities in agriculture-related water investing. 

“There has been a significant influx in capital from private equity and institutional investors in the water industry as more and more investors realize that, like other real asset classes such as gold, real estate and timber, water assets provide investors with inflation protection, portfolio diversification and crisis-resistant investments.  As the subjects of water and food are inseparable, we will explore water investment strategies and topics in agriculture,” said Clay Landry, managing director of WestWater Research.

From private equity and large institutional investors looking for portfolio diversification to large infrastructure firms and water technology companies, this conference will provide and opportunity for all players to further explore real water and agriculture asset investments.

“With current and forecasted upward trends in population growth, urbanization, energy production, food demand and other factors, demands on our scarce water resources are constantly increasing.  As a result, investments in water supply, storage, conveyance, reuse and water-related technology are becoming increasingly attractive to investors,” said Josh McIver, senior manager at WestWater.  “These types of investments are of particular importance and value to the agriculture industry as they are highly correlated.”

WestWater Research LLC

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