Jan 17, 2007

Wegmans Bottled Water Returns to Stores

Wegmans bottled water, known as “Food You Feel Good About Spring Water,” has returned to stores after a recent voluntary recall.
The store brand water was pulled last August, when the company learned of water samples testing above the limit for bromate. Exposure to extremely high levels of bromate can cause cancer.
Wegmans representatives say the company has studied bottled water issues, including sources, disinfection and safety protocols, before bringing the water back. The company has also changed its water suppliers, one in New York’s Adirondack Mountains and one in New Hampshire’s Ossipee Mountains.
“We needed more than one supplier,” said Steve Glenning, beverage category merchant for Wegmans, “and both of these companies did an outstanding job of working with us on standards for quality and safety.”
Wegmans has also devised a 72-point checklist of tests to be done hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly. First, the supplier tests for bromate, bromide, and bacteria. A third-party lab then verifies the supplier’s results through its own independent testing. Lastly, Wegmans pulls sample bottles from its own inventory and sends them to a different third-party laboratory for testing. If all of the testing results are consistent, it shows that the supplier’s equipment and testing methods are working properly.

“By testing product samples from their own inventory, they are ensuring the consistency of the test results from the bottler as well as the outside laboratory,” said Laura Current, a quality assurance specialist. “This way Wegmans can ensure that they are providing the highest quality product possible to their customers.”