Aug 20, 2021

The WaterHub – Risk Mitigation Through Decentralized Water Reclamation and Reuse

Online webinar


This presentation will discuss how decentralized water reclamation and reuse improves the functionality of facilities management by optimizing production and decreasing operational costs. Through the use of reclamation systems, such as a WaterHub, host clients will be able to reduce potable water consumption while adding much needed resiliency to their water platform without having to invest their own capital.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the risk associated with water infrastructure by replacing potable water with reclaimed water for non-potable applications;
  • Define how to use a third party developer to assist overall effort to improve resiliency without large capital investment; And
  • Develop a pathway to solve for aggressive water conservation goals across multiple verticals.



Bob Salvatelli

Director of Water Origination, Sustainable Water


Bob Crossen

Senior Managing Editor, Industrial Water & Wastes Digest

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