WaterChef Announces PureSafe Water Station Sale to Honduras

David A. Conway, WaterChef CEO and president, announced that the company's PureSafe Water Station has been selected for a pilot program to provide healthy drinking water in third world countries. White Cross Partners, of Raynham, Mass., has issued purchase orders for the first four systems for the program, which will be launched in Central America. In association with the Catholic Archdiocese of Honduras, and with the assistance of Catholic Relief Services, the first PureSafe system will be deployed in Tegucigala, Honduras.

WaterChef's PureSafe Water Station is a self contained, six-stage water purification system, which produces up to 10,000 gallons per day of U.S. EPA standard drinking water from any water source. The PureSafe destroys all living pathogens and handles a broad range of organic and inorganic contaminants, all for less than a penny per gallon operating cost. Truck mountable and helicopter-liftable, the PureSafe is designed to be the permanent water source for populations unserved by municipal water treatment.

WaterChef, Inc.

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