New Product Line Enters Bottled Water Market

Long Island-based Energy Multi-Vitamin Enhanced Water Corp. has introduced two new lines of Multi-Vitamin Healthy Waters, creating a "natural niche" in the fast-growing enhanced water market.

"This health-conscious category is crying out for a natural choice," says company executive Raymond Jaquez. "Our Multi-Vitamin Healthy Waters offer great taste and energy naturally, without the artificial flavors, colorings, taurine, caffeine and other additives in competing products. We believe our spectacular roll-out proves that consumers want the natural alternative we provide."

The start-up beverage manufacturer introduced a line of five lightly flavored, low-carb vitamin-enhanced waters in the New York City market in May, selling out its initial run in just two weeks, company officials report. The company followed its roll-out with two no-carb, no calorie waters last month.

Distribution is spreading nationwide, and all seven beverages will be featured at the InterBev trade show in Orlando, Fla., September 26-28.

Multi-Vitamin Healthy Waters contain pure water with a light touch of natural fruit flavors. There are five low carb varieties: Peach-strawberry "Power A," orange flavor "Rejuvenate," kiwi-strawberry "Recovery," tropical-citrus "Revitalize," and a tropical punch Sports water fortified with electrolytes. The two new no-carb, no calories varieties are peach-strawberry "Refresh" and orange-carrot "Replenish."

The drinks also deliver significant minerals and other nutrients, including calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iodine, and chromium. Each 8-ounce serving of low-carb Multi-Vitamin Healthy Water has less than 50 calories and 13 grams of carbohydrates; the two new no-carb varieties have 0 calories.

Enhanced water is the fastest growing segment in the U.S. beverage category. According to trade publication Beverage Industry, the market for enhanced water market grew more than 40 percent last year, to more than $325 million wholesale in the U.S.

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