France's Bottled Water, Cooler Industry Evolving

Bottled water in France has shown considerable growth with several segments enjoying significant increases.

Spring water has benefited from more competitive pricing compared to mineral water; still water has also maintained consumers' attention; while lightly sparkling variants have capitalized on a demand for less highly carbonated products.

Focusing on these changes, Research and Markets has announced the addition of The Bottled Water and Cooler Landscape in France 2003 to their offering of reports.

The issue of obesity is becoming increasingly important in France; 5.4 million French are now considered obese – an increase of 1.1 million within only three years. With this in mind, it would appear that bottled waters and low calorie flavored waters are facing much better times ahead than sugary soft drink products.

Water coolers also are poised to make a dramatic impact on France's overall bottled water industry. In the space of just a few months, the French cooler industry changed radically with the entrance of Nestle and Danone. Although the bottled water cooler category accounts for a fraction of total bottled water sales in France, it is expected to take on a new dimension now that both bottled water giants have built scale in the country.

The Bottled Water and Cooler Landscape in France 2003 provides the latest provisional figures on bottled water market developments in 2003, a year in which a widespread summer heatwave significantly bolstered Europe's bottled water industries.

Full commentary is provided on the latest market developments in 2003. The report then looks specifically at market developments in 2002. This is a year in which bottled water and bottled coolers, and bottled coolers and point of use coolers can be closely compared. Company volumes are also presented as year end 2002.

This report on the bottled water and cooler industry in France provides a full and clear picture on the market dynamics of bottled water, water coolers and point of use water coolers.

The Bottled Water and Cooler Landscape in France is broken down into four main sections:

  1. A full market overview provides provisional figures on the bottled water market in 2003, commentary on the latest developments in 2003, a revised bottled water market forecast to 2008 and a summary of industry trends.
  2. A section on bottled water provides commentary on consumption, production and trade, segmentation, packaging. Tables and charts present full segmentation, and analysis of the leading bottled water companies in the years to 2002.
  3. A section on bottled water coolers provides commentary on consumption, unit numbers, pack size, home vs. office distribution, water types, legislation. Tables present full details on the leading bottled water cooler companies, by units and volume, and leading cooler brands in the years to 2002.
  4. A section on point of use water coolers provides commentary on market characteristics: bottled water cooler conversion/new business, rented/sold units, home/office units, unit type, price structure, and maintenance. Tables and charts present the relationship between point of use and bottled water coolers in the years to 2002.

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