Dec 12, 2017

Proposed Project Could Improve Water Quality in Nebraska, Wyoming

The potential project would cross state lines via pipeline

New pipeline would provide potable water to areas in Nebraska and Wyoming

A project has been proposed involving both the states of Nebraska and Wyoming that would include sending treated water to Western Nebraska by way of a pipeline that would be sourced from a plant in Wyoming.

The treated water would be pulled from the North Platte River and provide for 11 communities in both states, many of which utilize water that includes harmful amounts of arsenic, uranium and nitrates.

Specifically, the water would be purified in Guernsey, Wyoming, an area with better water quality and more affordable means of water treatment. The pipeline needed to transfer the water from Guernsey would run over 100 miles to its destination in Bridgeport, Nebraska.

The next steps in the process involve project officials analyzing the viability of proposed work. Results of the analysis should arrive within the year and a public meeting regarding the project will occur some time in the spring.