Nov 13, 2009

Water Research Foundation Announces Five New RFPs

RFPs seek to address pressing regulatory and scientific issues

The Water Research Foundation recently announced it is seeking proposals in response to five new RFPs totaling $1.25 million. The drinking water research organization sponsors objective, peer-reviewed science aimed to help solve water utilities' most pressing needs. The foundation will issue the RFPs by Nov. 16.

"These projects represent the cutting edge of drinking water science," said Robert C. Renner, executive director of the Water Research Foundation. "The widely varying projects will address scientific and regulatory challenges associated with climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, water quality and operational issues. Our ultimate goal is always the same: protecting public health and keeping water safe, affordable and sustainable."

The deadline for proposals is January or February, depending on the RFP.

Project descriptions/RFP numbers are as follows:
• Reservoir Operations and Maintenance, RFP 4222;
• Toolbox for Water Utility Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission
Management: an International Review, RFP 4224;
• Worker Health and Safety: Metrics, Benefits and Costs, RFP 4236;
• Climate Change Impacts on the Regulatory Landscape: Evaluating
Opportunities for Regulatory Change, RFP 4239; and
• Benchmarking and Monitoring Strategies for EDCs/PPCPs by Drinking Water Utilities, RFP 4260.

The foundation also is seeking utility volunteers to participate in or
oversee these projects.