Water Research Foundation Announces 20 Requests for Proposals

RFPs total more than $3.5 million

The Water Research Foundation announced 20 Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that are now open for competitive bidding.

Interested parties can view the RFPs at http://waterrf.org/Research/RFPs/ or request copies from the foundation at 303.347.6118 or [email protected]. Please include the RFP identification number when making requests. Proposal due dates vary, but range from April through July.

Current guidelines for proposal submission are available at http://waterrf.org/Research/Administration/ProposalGuidelines.

The 20 RFPs and their identification numbers are:

&#149 Assessing Potential Short-Term Impacts of Chloramination (4320);

&#149 Addressing Revenue Gaps Through Improved Financial Practices and Effective Utility Management (4366);

&#149 Answers to Challenging Infrastructure Management Questions (4367);

&#149 Assessing Performance of Biofilm Sampling Approaches (4368);

&#149 Best Practices for Water Utility Legal Protection and Claims Management from Infrastructure Failure Events (4369);

&#149 Controlling the Formation of Nitrosamines During Water Treatment (4370);

&#149 Effective Organization and Component Analysis of Water Utility Leakage Data (4372);

&#149 Guidance for Treatment of Variable Manganese Loading (4373);

&#149 Main Breaks: Current Knowledge and Research Roadmap (4374);

&#149 Methodology for Determining Baseline Commercial, Institutional and Industrial End Uses of Water (4375);

&#149 Guidance Document for Testing Medium-Pressure UV Inactivation of Viruses (4376);

&#149 Quality Management of Infrastructure Assets from Manufacture to Installation (4377);

&#149 Water Footprints and the Value of Water: New Concepts for Sustainable Water Utilities and Communities (4378);

&#149 Workshop: Research Needs About Opportunistic Pathogens in Premise Plumbing (4379);

&#149 Addressing Climate Change by Applying Adaptive Management Techniques to Infrastructure Management (4380);

&#149 Effective Communication of Climate Change Effects to Stakeholders (4381);

&#149 Impact of Climate Change on the Ecology of Algal Blooms (4382);

&#149 Green Building Design: Water Quality and Utility Management Considerations (4383);

&#149 Identifying Gaps in Understanding the Benefits/Costs of Boil Water Advisories as a Public Health Protection Measure (4385); and

&#149 Decision Support Program for Reducing EDCs and PPCPs in Drinking Water (4386).

Water Research Foundation

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