Mar 15, 2011

Water Research Foundation Announces 20 Requests for Proposals

RFPs total more than $3.5 million

The Water Research Foundation announced 20 Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that are now open for competitive bidding.

Interested parties can view the RFPs at or request copies from the foundation at 303.347.6118 or [email protected]. Please include the RFP identification number when making requests. Proposal due dates vary, but range from April through July.

Current guidelines for proposal submission are available at

The 20 RFPs and their identification numbers are:

&#149 Assessing Potential Short-Term Impacts of Chloramination (4320);

&#149 Addressing Revenue Gaps Through Improved Financial Practices and Effective Utility Management (4366);

&#149 Answers to Challenging Infrastructure Management Questions (4367);

&#149 Assessing Performance of Biofilm Sampling Approaches (4368);

&#149 Best Practices for Water Utility Legal Protection and Claims Management from Infrastructure Failure Events (4369);

&#149 Controlling the Formation of Nitrosamines During Water Treatment (4370);

&#149 Effective Organization and Component Analysis of Water Utility Leakage Data (4372);

&#149 Guidance for Treatment of Variable Manganese Loading (4373);

&#149 Main Breaks: Current Knowledge and Research Roadmap (4374);

&#149 Methodology for Determining Baseline Commercial, Institutional and Industrial End Uses of Water (4375);

&#149 Guidance Document for Testing Medium-Pressure UV Inactivation of Viruses (4376);

&#149 Quality Management of Infrastructure Assets from Manufacture to Installation (4377);

&#149 Water Footprints and the Value of Water: New Concepts for Sustainable Water Utilities and Communities (4378);

&#149 Workshop: Research Needs About Opportunistic Pathogens in Premise Plumbing (4379);

&#149 Addressing Climate Change by Applying Adaptive Management Techniques to Infrastructure Management (4380);

&#149 Effective Communication of Climate Change Effects to Stakeholders (4381);

&#149 Impact of Climate Change on the Ecology of Algal Blooms (4382);

&#149 Green Building Design: Water Quality and Utility Management Considerations (4383);

&#149 Identifying Gaps in Understanding the Benefits/Costs of Boil Water Advisories as a Public Health Protection Measure (4385); and

&#149 Decision Support Program for Reducing EDCs and PPCPs in Drinking Water (4386).