Nov 22, 2010

Water for People's Million Dollar Challenge Exceeds Goal

Challenge raised $1.3 million to further organization's work

Water For People announced that the 2010 Rosenthal Million Dollar Challenge exceeded its goal, raising over $1.3 million to continue the organization’s work in creating sustainable water and sanitation solutions in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America.

For the third consecutive year, philanthropists Stephen and Sandy Rosenthal committed $500,000 as a challenge to help multiply the impact of Water For People’s efforts, as every dollar raised is further magnified through contributions from in-country governments, communities and local partners. For the third consecutive year, Water For People supporters embraced the challenge.

“We’re extremely grateful for the Rosenthals’ generosity, and we truly appreciate every person, family, foundation, company and volunteer committee that has stepped up to meeting the challenge this year,” said Ned Breslin, Water For People CEO. “These funds allow us to empower communities and invest in innovative solutions for their water and sanitation needs so that one day they are fixing and replacing their own water and sanitation systems without the help of a development organization. That’s the true measure of success.”