Jul 01, 2010

Water For People Announces 20 Winners of Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award

Award is special recognition for volunteers who show outstanding service to international humanitarian effort

Water For People announced 20 winners of its Kenneth J. Miller Founder Awards. The Founders’ Award was established in 2001 as a special recognition for volunteers who show outstanding service to this international humanitarian effort. The awards ceremony was held during the American Water Works Assn.’s Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago.

“We are thrilled to have a rich and diverse volunteer corps to assist Water For People in realizing our vision where no one dies from water or sanitation related disease,” said Ned Breslin, CEO. “We have over 60 local volunteer committees throughout the US and Canada and another 150 volunteers in our World Water Corps working to create more transparency to our efforts. Today we honor 20 outstanding volunteers, but we remain grateful to each and every volunteer who contributed to our phenomenal success over the last year.”

“Our volunteer committees help with fundraising, raising almost $1,000,000 in 2009 alone,” said Jodi Lundin, senior manager of Strategic Partnerships. “Equally important, they help raise awareness by spearheading education and outreach in their local communities.”

“Water For People is a very compassionate organization aimed at helping folks achieve the most basic of humankind necessities--potable water and adequate sanitation,” said Chet Auckly, one of this year’s winners. “I strongly believe in this noble cause and I respect their commitment to avoid creating dependency among the communities they serve.

“Their unique approach of collaborating with the local community to build long-lasting solutions, and of measuring success over the long term, is the only way we will ever truly eradicate water poverty. I'm also very humbled and honored in being nominated to receive the Kenneth J. Miller Founders' Award.”

The full list of award winners and pictures of them can be found on the Water For People website at http://www.waterforpeople.org/community/committees/volunteer-awards/.