Nov 08, 2010

Water for People and Image Brew Launch Sanitation Video Competition

Support a Movement contest will take place in honor of World Toilet Day

Water For People is challenging everyone who is interested in improving global sanitation to break the silence and get people thinking and talking about toilets. The “Support a Movement” sanitation video competition, sponsored by Image Brew LLC, will bring the unmentionable details of sanitation into the spotlight to highlight its importance and raise awareness for the billions of people who don't have access to adequate toilets.
Water For People’s mission seeks to end the world’s drinking water and sanitation crises in developing countries by collaborating with in-country governments, communities and other local partners to ensure that people have a safe and sanitary toilets. The organization hopes to change the sanitation sector by transforming typical charity and humanitarian development practices to ensure that the beneficiaries of assistance have access to improved sanitation well into the future.
In celebration of World Toilet Day, on Nov. 19, Water For People and Image Brew want people increase understanding on the topic of sanitation to bring about long-term change and help end the global crisis.
To enter, contestants must create a video, mash-up or slideshow about one of the following:
&#149 A toilet failure: A time you or someone you know needed a toilet but one wasn’t available. Maybe the toilet was full, too far away, or too dirty to use. What happened? What would have helped the situation?
&#149 A toilet success: Remember a time the facilities (at home or during a trip) exceeded your expectations? What made it memorable? What can we learn from this success?
&#149 A toilet innovation: Do you have a great idea that would help increase access to toilets in developing countries? Maybe it’s a business concept, an invention or a way to raise awareness about the consequences of inadequate sanitation?
Winners will be announced Dec. 14. Three contestants will be awarded $500 each for their efforts. Image Brew LLC will also donate another $500 on behalf of each winner to Water For People.
For “Support a Movement” details and entry rules, visit