Dec 04, 2006

Water District Files Suit Over Water Purification System

The Rainbow Municipal Water District in Fallbrook, Calif., has filed a lawsuit over a water purification system that was purchased in 2004.

According to the North County Times, The district alleges fraud against the New Mexico manufacturer and Dudek & Associates Inc., the environmental firm that provides the district's general managing services.

Miox Corp., the manufacturer of the purification system, is the primary defendant in the suit, filed in Vista Superior Court. The suit also names Engineered Systems and Construction Inc., which acted as a sales representative of Miox.

Ken Klein, an attorney representing the water district, told the North County Times that the suit stems from dissatisfaction over the performance of an approximately $1 million water purification system. Miox claimed that the system was that was low maintenance, safer and able to provide better-tasting water.

The suit states that the "mixed oxidant" disinfection system has not provided the benefits that the company claimed and that it has been unable to reliably deliver and maintain necessary chlorine levels to meet drinking water standards set by the California Department of Health Services.

The district claims to have encountered such problems as overflows, leaks, and fire or smoke as a result of the alleged actions of the defendants.

The suit also alleges that representatives and employees of Miox knew that the claims regarding the product were false and in defiance of common technical knowledge.

Ken Klein, the attorney for the water district, told the North County Times that the suit seeks to force the three companies to share in the cost of repair and maintenance that the Miox system has incurred since its installment.