Cloud 9 Services Announces New Senior Project Manager

Craig Lee joined Cloud 9 as senior project manager for lift station & sewer cleaning in the water and wastewater maintenance division

Craig Lee, 20-year veteran of the water and wastewater industry joined Cloud 9 Services Inc. of Orlando, Fla., on Nov. 27, 2012. His extensive experience in the environmental industry enhances the Cloud 9 Services capabilities with lift station maintenance, jetvac sewer cleaning, pipe video and other sewer/water repairs.

Cloud 9 Services Inc. was founded in Orlando, Fla., in 2001 specializing in water and wastewater maintenance and repairs including lift station and sewer cleaning. Cloud 9 Services Inc. professionals are licensed as Florida State certified plumbing contractors, underground utility contractors, mechanical contractors and general contractors which provides Cloud 9‘s customers with more service than ever before.

“Craig Lee was born in in 1957 in Columbus Georgia,” Rick Fender, vice president of Cloud 9 Services, said. “He has been in the greater Orlando area since 1961. His hobbies are fishing and surfing when he was a young man. Still with the blonde hair and blue eyes of your typical surfer, Craig helps his customers find the longest lasting and least expensive solution to their water and wastewater problems.”

Craig has handled the following projects:

• Merita Bakery lift station construction

• Merita Bakery plumbing and slip lining project

• Florida Hospital storm line repairs

• Retention pond remediation for Thrifty Car

• CVS Pharmacy warehouse (4) lift station replacement

• Alan Jackson sewer line connection

• Duncan Donuts grease trap installations

• Little Caesar grease trap installations

Craig’s ability to investigate projects and determine the most long-lasting and cost-effective solution has sent his career soaring through the industry. 

Cloud 9 Services Inc.

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