Dec 28, 2000

A Bioremedial Solution for New Jersey Sewage Lift Station

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The most serious concern facing many sewage lift station owners is dealing with the constant accumulation of fat, oil and grease (FOG) within their facilities. FOG's low specific gravity keeps it floating on top of the water. These materials are hydrophobic and sticky, and will cling to any solid object in the flow. This reduces the capacity of pipes and tanks, fouls sensors, and plugs pumps.

Until recently, the only method of treatment for such a large containment facility was to physically remove the FOGs - a costly, dangerous and temporary solution at best.

After experiencing years of serious problems with FOG in their sewage lift station, the city of Jersey City, N.J., decided to investigate a more economically sound and environmentally safe method of rectifying the situation.

Their research led them to Environmental Biotech, Inc. (EBI) - an international environmental solutions company based in Sarasota, Fla. EBI developed an innovative, proprietary plan for establishing a cost-effective, on-going system of biological treatment to clean up the existing FOG accumulation and control the future development of FOGs within the lift station wet well.

Local EBI technicians, in conjunction with the research team at EBI World Headquarters, were required to continually modify existing application techniques to meet the unique demand of this large scale project.

Upon completion of this project, a review of data from the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection showed EBI's treatment process to be an unqualified success. When the biodegradation phase of the contract expired, there were little or no FOG blanket accumulations in the wet well. The Jersey City Sewerage Authority is currently seeking approval of funding for a continuation of this project.

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