Woodard & Curran to Operate Two Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Company will operate and maintain two Wisconsin facilities for Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global, a manufacturer of nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness industry, has hired Woodard & Curran to operate wastewater treatment systems at two of its production facilities.

Woodard & Curran has been awarded a three-year contract to operate and manage two wastewater treatment facilities at Milk Specialty Global’s operations in Boscobel and Adell, Wisc. Under the agreement, the firm will be responsible for operations and staffing at each site’s wastewater treatment facility.

Woodard & Curran will provide assistance with environmental reporting, solids handling, safety and future wastewater treatment facility upgrades that will improve operations and provide full compliance with all regulatory requirements. The firm will also retain and transition existing plant staff and add any additional staff needed to safely operate the facilities.

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