Jul 05, 2018

Biofilm Media Circulates Between All Treatment Stages

smith and loveless biofilm media

Green+Green mobile organic biofilm is an environmentally friendly, all-natural and renewable biofilm process that uses mobile settling enhancement media derived from a special lignocellulosic plant fiber to provide ballasted settling for improved clarifier performance.

The organic biofilm is completely mobile. It circulates continuously between all treatment, aeration and clarification zones, promoting a diverse growth of microorganisms and delivering ballasted settling.

There are a variety of settling issues experienced in wastewater treatment processes that are addressed by the patented biofilm process. SVI is reduced, providing higher effluent quality; sludge blankets are reduced; suspended solids washouts associated with I&I are combatted; and the ongoing usage of ballasting chemical additives can be reduced or eliminated. The result is enhanced clarifier performance with high mixed liquor suspended solids in the aeration basin. Increased capacities for existing clarifiers also can be achieved with the system, ensuring compliance with NPDES and local regulations. 

Testing data demonstrates the media features a higher effective surface area than non-organic media, which is the first property of the process that leads to enhanced particle settling. Beyond this, the mobility of said media is the most significant factor contributing to settling provided by the process. 

The media is inserted directly into the bioreactor and allowed to circulate among all clarification and treatment basins. The carriers develop attached growths and create large floc particles as they pass through the various zones, essentially clumping together to create a biomass with a high specific gravity. Many biofilm systems confine media to the aeration basin only, and therefore offer lower settling rates.

The system utilizes all-natural media derived from a plant stock readily grown in North America. This results in reduced carbon footprints compared to other biofilm processes.

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The settling offered by the media compared to typical activated sludge is illustrated in the image. The left cone in each image is the activated sludge sample, while the right cone is the sludge sample from the system’s process. The left image is at the start of the test; the right image is after 30 seconds has elapsed.

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