Wastewater Flow Meter System Available for Dairies, Farms, Food Processing

Recognizing the need for reliable low-cost agricultural tools to measure wastewater flow and discharge, Valley Air Solutions LLC announced the availability of the VDP Wastewater Magnetic Flow Meter System for dairies, farms and food processing operations. Equipped with either a single or dual sensor, the VDP system provides accurate, instantaneous (gpm) and totalized bi-directional flow measurement for numerous wastewaters including dairy manure slurries and cheese plant wastewater. Its performance and reliability is unaffected by solids or trash in the water, and it is also a valuable tool for on-farm nutrient management.
The VDP Wastewater Flow Meter System is ideal for customers seeking low-cost permanent measurement where non-blocking, non-cleaning, low maintenance and high accuracy (+/- 0.5%) is important, even after prolonged exposure to manure, calcium carbonate, algae or similar build ups. The VDP system uses patented pulsed AC technology to achieve up to 50 times higher signal-to-noise ratio than other pulsed DC magmeter technologies, and up to three times higher than conventional AC magmeters. All VDP wastewater flow meters are traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).
VDP Wastewater Magnetic Flow Meter Systems are data-logging ready, eliminating the need to purchase and install an additional device. Customers can apply an upcoming free data logging software upgrade, giving them the ability to time and date stamp historical flow measurements and simplify data collection. The VDP system is orderable in a variety of common diameters, ranging from 2 to 80 inches for use with steel or PVC pipework. Pricing starts under $4,000, and the VDP system is a direct replacement for Teledyne ISCO flow meters.

Valley Air Solutions, LLC

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