Wastewater Experts Launches New Website

The website offers technical, legal, patent, sales & marketing services

wastewater experts website

WastewaterExperts.com is a website for wastewater treatment services including: plant operation troubleshooting, design value engineering, patent services, sales and marketing services, technical support or representation in litigation as an expert witness. Wastewater Experts Inc., a division of SynergisTech Inc., is backed by a team of experts that provide clients on five continents with a collective 100 years of experience. 

The new site was designed to serve as a resource for wastewater treatment owners and operators, company managers and legal firms, to assist in their efforts to reduce capital or operating costs, resolve disputes or improve performance. The site features many case studies that demonstrate the company’s successful problem-solving processes and results.

Ken Norcross, president of SynergisTech Inc. and founder of wastewater technology companies Jet Tech Inc. and PMC BioTec Inc. (now BioConversion Solutions), and a former VP of Technology at Veolia Water, launched the site to provide information about the company’s range of services. Principals in the company have provided assistance to clients including consulting firms, investing companies, municipal treatment plants and industrial plants for Fortune 500 corporations like Cargill, Jack Daniels, Borden, FMC, Dow Chemical and more.

In addition to technical services (process design and equipment selection, vendor performance, cost reduction and process troubleshooting), Wastewater Experts can provide private equity firms and managers with a true value analysis of companies available for acquisition or sale. Expert also in patent development, with more than 20 patents credited to the company’s principals, Wastewater Experts ensures that new patent applications receive the maximum coverage possible.

“This site succinctly shares our many services in an easy to read format," Norcross said. "We understand that our services are complex and wide-ranging, however this site provides a first step to understanding how our experts can assist in most any area related to wastewater treatment.”

Wastewater Experts Inc.

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