Sep 25, 2007

Warning On Baby Wipe Risk

Baby wipes are driving water officials round the bend in a Highland town.

They are clogging sewer pipes, leading to fears the system could overflow and flood homes and streets in Kingussie, Inverness-shire.

Scottish Water have now appealed to parents not to put such products down the toilet.

Spokesman Terry Ferguson said: "To most folk, what's flushed is out of sight, out of mind but we really need them to be aware of this problem as it could end up directly affecting them and their community."

Most waste water pipes running from houses are less than four inches wide and are only designed to take human waste and toilet paper.

Anything else can cause blockages, which in turn can cause sewage flooding.

Mr Ferguson said: "Not only is this unpleasant and a health hazard but it will potentially cost the householder time and serious money to fix.

"Such items should always be bagged and binned."