Dec 28, 2000

Vivendi's First-Half Sales Grow 9 PC

Vivendi has announced that its net sales for the first half of 2000 totaled 19.4 billion euros, compared to 17.8 euros for the first half of 1999, representing a 9 percent increase. 

The consolidation of Canal+ and USFilter for the whole six-month period more than made up for the withdrawal from the construction and property businesses. The disposal of Vinci and Nexity had an impact of 3.9 billion euros and 0.8 billion euros respectively.

Excluding the Construction & Property Division, Vivendi's net sales were 19.4 billion euros, amounting to an increase of almost 50 percent compared with the 13 billion euros generated in the first half of 1999. Internal growth was over 15 percent, and net sales outside France rose around 75 percent to 9.2 billion euros. This amount includes Sithe, which contributed 810 million euros. Following the disposal of GPU, Vivendi is proceeding with its withdrawal from this business, which should rapidly leave the scope of consolidation.
(Source: Vivendi)