Virginia Beach Works to Meet Consent Order Requirements

RJN Group will assist the city in meeting the requirements

Virginia Beach special order by consent RJN Group

The city of Virginia Beach is currently in a Special Order by Consent (SOC) with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. RJN Group Inc. will be assisting the city in meeting its regulatory commitments related to the SOC by providing the necessary data to determine if the city has met its peak flow commitment for particular sanitary sewer basins.

RJN will also be flow monitoring sanitary sewer service areas/basins identified by the city. These areas will be monitored until such time that the flow monitoring and rainfall requirements within the SOC have been met.

RJN will then be able to measure the effectiveness of inflow/infiltration abatement activities and rehabilitation projects, as well as prioritize the city’s Management, Operation and Maintenance Program basins where sanitary sewer evaluation survey (SSES) will take place.

Once the requirements have been met the meters/gauges will be removed. Throughout the project RJN will supply the city with installation/site records, monthly data submittals of all field investigations.

RJN Group

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