Dec 29, 2020

On-Site Chlorine Generation for Tai Po WTW | 2020 WWD Top Projects

On-Site Chlorine Generation for Tai Po WTW | 2020 WWD Top Projects

The Tai Po Water Treatment Works sought to reduce its chemical costs by generating chlorine on-site. The water treatment works had to decommission old chlorine holding tanks while also bringing technology from Electrolytic Technologies online to replace the stored chlorine. This project aided in doubling the facility’s capacity from 400 million liters per day to 800 million liters per day to serve more than 2 million people in Hong Kong.

Andy Kwok, Black & Veatch Hong Kong Ltd. managing director, explains the primary goals and purpose for the project. Derek Lubie, Electrolytic Technologies CEO, discusses how the technology his company developed works and fit into the plans for Tai Po. And Samson Chan, Tai Po Water Supply Department senior engineer of the consultants managing division, provides context to the work as it relates to the water treatment works facility and the Tai Po Water Supply Department.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Tai Po Water Treatment Works background & service area: (0:39)
  • Goals of the project and the expansion as a whole: (1:49)
  • Why was chlorine generation such an important consideration?: (2:38)
  • How transitioning to the new technology impacted chlorine supply: (3:23)
  • How the technology for chlorine generation works: (4:08)
  • The rise of alternatives to chlorine chemicals and the drivers for that change: (5:53)
  • Closing remarks and (7:11)

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