Hounded by Harvey: Lead-Up & Landfall

Sidney Bomer was trying to enjoy his Las Vegas vacation when he saw the news that Hurricane Harvey set sights on his wastewater treatment plants in Houston.


Hounded by Harvey: Lead-Up & Landfall

Sidney Bomer was trying to enjoy his Las Vegas vacation when he saw the news that Hurricane Harvey set sights on his wastewater treatment plants in Houston.

Scaletron Industries Scales & Feeders for Water Treatment Applications

Scaletron President Ed Dougherty provides an overview of Scaletron's products for weighing and feeding corrosive chemicals in water, wastewater and industrial applications.

Simplified Blower Aeration System Design for WWTPs

Kaeser offers a number of products to help wastewater treatment plants reduce specifying and installation costs and enjoy long-term energy savings.

2017 Top Project: JEA Blacks Ford Wastewater Treatment Plant

Representatives from Evoqua Water Technologies and the Jacksonville Electric Authority discuss their award-winning project at WEFTEC.17.

Ovivo BioAlgaNyx Phagotrophic Algae for Sludge Digestion

An application of algae that consumes bacteria and other pathogens without the need for sunlight to cut operating costs in sludge digestion.

Impeller Mixers: Easy Install in Full Tank

PAX Water Mixers are easy to install and maintain—no heavy cranes, lifting equipment or tank alterations are required. If a municipality prefers to keep its tank full, PAX mixers can easily be lowered through the tank hatch or installed by a diver.

The Finescreen Monster Makes Pretreatment Processes Flow With Ease

The Finescreen Monster is responsible for removing solids and protecting plants from small pieces of trash that easily slip through coarse screens.

Assmann Full Drain Outlet Assembly Video

This video demonstrates the durability of Assmann’s patented Full Drain Outlet (FDO) assembly by pulling a water-filled 4,100-gal single-wall vertical tank by the FDO.

Actina TechnoFlash Clip

Actina is advanced pellet softening for drinking water treatment.

Franklin Miller Dimminutor

The Dimminutor provides automatic screening and grinding of liquid-borne solids with a straight-through open-channel design. This unit reduces plastics, wood, vegetable matter, disposables and other oversized items to a fine particulate.

High-Strength Sewage Treatment Plant (MyFAST) Installation

The MyFAST 60,000-gpd wastewater treatment system is installed under the parking lot of the Los Cabos International Convention Center. The water is reused for toilet flushing and to irrigate the 2700-cu-m green wall that covers the building's façade.

Depackaging System Transforming Waste to Resource

Ecrusor turns food waste and other wastes high in caloric value into useful energy. A compact and robust process, it depacks food waste in order to extract the material.

Editorial Highlights: August 2017

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Editorial Highlights: July 2017

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Editorial Highlights: June 2017

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Editorial Highlights: May 2017

Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Lisican gives a rundown of key features in the May issue and highlights some future WWD plans.

An Easy Way to Build

All-precast concrete buildings from Easi-Set provide water and waste solutions from a single hazmat storage building to a complete facility. They are long-lasting, maintenance-free and quickly installed.

Editorial Highlights: April 2017

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Editorial Highlights: March 2017

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Performance³ – Pinpoint Control of Load Cycles in Aeration Tanks

Learn more about Aerzen premium technologies for wastewater treatment: Performance³ – Delta Blower, Delta Hybrid and Aerzen Turbo. Their exact load cycle management provides high efficiency for aeration tanks.

Editorial Highlights: February 2017

Water & Wastes Digest Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Lisican highlights a handful of features to read in the 2017 February issue of WWD.

Tideflex Mixing System in Elevated Tanks

Tideflex Mixing System completely mixes water and eliminates short-circuiting in elevated tanks.

Polychem Assembly & Installation

This animation illustrates how a standard Polychem chain and flight scraper system is assembled and installed.

Tideflex Mixing System in Circular & Rectangular Reservoirs

Tideflex Mixing System completely mixes water and eliminates short-circuiting in circular and rectangular reservoirs.

Tideflex Mixing System in Standpipes

Tideflex Mixing System completely mixes water and eliminates short-circuiting in standpipes.

Lakeside Equipment Corp. Variety of Products

Learn about Lakeside Equipment Corp.'s wide range of equipment and systems for virtually all stages of wastewater treatment from influent through final discharge.

Talking on Water - Episode #8 Importance of Chemistry

AdEdge Water Technologies' Rich Cavagnaro and Sahar Fathordoobadi discuss the importance of chemistry and how it serves as the basis of everything behind AdEdge's processes.

Talking on Water - Episode #7 Ammonia in Groundwater

Dr. Ronit Erlitzki, Business Development Director at AdEdge, joins in to discuss why communities should be concerned about ammonia, and a breakthrough technology that addresses the compound in groundwater.

33 Days of Arsenic With AdEdge Water Technologies

Join the staff of AdEdge as they answer questions about 33 questions about arsenic. #33daysofarsenic

What Is Really Different About Grit Removal Systems?

The removal efficiencies of five different grit technologies are compared.

Increases Clarifier Capacity With a Simple Retrofit Solution

The FEDWA Baffle System from Evoqua reduces flow velocities and improves flocculation for efficient solids settling and increased treatment capacity.

Recover Residential Greywater Treatment System

Repurposing shower water for flushing can save up to 30% of water. The Recover system also detects toilet leaks, thus potentially saving another 13%.

Aerzen BioGas Blowers Overview

Tom McCurdy and Jennifer Kintzer highlight the benefits, safety features and applications of Aerzen BioGas blowers at WEFTEC 2016.

Asahi/America Showcases Strainer Drain at WEFTEC 2016

The Asahi/America Strainer Drain, an accessory to its Y-pattern sediment strainer, allows media to evacuate the system for inline cleaning with the turn of a valve.

The Science Behind Grit Settling Velocities

Forced vortex systems utilize hydraulic action, not particle settling, as the primary means for grit removal.

Screens & Centrifuges Help Enhance Efficiency at Peterborough, ON, Wastewater Plant

A wastewater plant in Peterborough, ON, sees the value of using dewatering equipment and understands that an upfront investment equals future efficiency.

Engineered to Provide Value

Biostyr is designed for BOD removal, nitrification, denitrification and solids removal, with high energy efficiency and 20% of the footprint of conventional activated sludge technologies.

Transforming Water, Enriching Life

Evoqua is making water safer for people, municipalities, industry and the environment. Learn more.

Talking on Water - Episode #6 Georgia Tech Roundtable

AdEdge chats with graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology about working in the water treatment industry.

How to Design Effective Grit Removal Systems

System-sizing method and grit particle size are important considerations for achieving effective grit removal system design.