What Is a GridBee Trihalomethane Removal System?

A short and easy-to-understand primer on THM removal in tanks.

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What Is a GridBee Trihalomethane Removal System?

A short and easy-to-understand primer on THM removal in tanks.

Hounded by Harvey: Top Off the Tanks

While wastewater treatment plant operators battled through Hurricane Harvey, closer to the coast, Deer Park Water Treatment Plant topped off its storage tanks.

Sewage Grinders Protecting Pumps in Private Facilities

Two shafted grinders are suitable for private facility sewage. See pump protection options for hospitals, apartments, prisons, resorts and more. Rags and wipes are no problem.

Hounded by Harvey: Power & Progress

After battling power outages and severe flooding, maintenance crews in Houston assessed damages at wastewater treatment plants throughout the city.

Vaughan Rotamix Pumps Chop on WEFTEC.17 Show Floor

Rotamix Sales Manager Bob Simonetti explains how the Vaughan Rotamix chopper pump aids in processes at the Kenosha Water Utility.

How Can Potable Mixing Equipment Help With Tank Ice Prevention?

Learn how mixing can save your tank from ice damage.

Hounded by Harvey: Damage Assessment

With preparations in place, operators waited out Hurricane Harvey at plants in Houston. While some plants fared well, others did not.

An Open-Tank DAF Effectively Removing Suspended Solids

JWC Environmental’s PWL-Series DAF systems are used to treat industrial wastewater streams. Their unique design elements make them ideal for wastewater that is heavily loaded with solids.

Hounded by Harvey: Lead-Up & Landfall

Sidney Bomer was trying to enjoy his Las Vegas vacation when he saw the news that Hurricane Harvey set sights on his wastewater treatment plants in Houston.

Smarter Water Management

Veolia's Aquavista is a powerful cloud-based portal and remote management tool designed to maximize control and increase operational efficiency of your water treatment system. It seamlessly consolidates Veolia’s water treatment equipment, performance data, service interactions and documentation into a robust dashboard that can be accessed from any location 24/7.

How Can You Save a Ton of Aeration Energy Cost in Your Partial Mix Pond System?

Floating wastewater mixers could be the answer.

Xylem's Godwin NS1505 Dri-Prime Pump

Kevin Snow discusses the first-in-series Godwin NC1505, a member of the Xylem's Godwin S Series that offers unmatched control an piece of mind anytime and anywhere.

Aquatech Amsterdam Day 2 Wrap-Up

W&WD Managing Editor Bob Crossen tells you his two main takeaways from day two on the Aquatech Amsterdam show floor.

How Does SolarBee Control Cyanobacteria in a Lake?

Learn the four likely cyanobacteria control mechanisms in this quick and easy four-minute video.

Scaletron Industries Scales & Feeders for Water Treatment Applications

Scaletron President Ed Dougherty provides an overview of Scaletron's products for weighing and feeding corrosive chemicals in water, wastewater and industrial applications.

Simplified Blower Aeration System Design for WWTPs

Kaeser offers a number of products to help wastewater treatment plants reduce specifying and installation costs and enjoy long-term energy savings.

Aquatech Amsterdam Day 1 Wrap-Up

W&WD Editor Bob Crossen recaps his first day on the show floor at Aquatech Amsterdam, including a visit to the Industrial User Experience.

2017 Top Project: JEA Blacks Ford Wastewater Treatment Plant

Representatives from Evoqua Water Technologies and the Jacksonville Electric Authority discuss their award-winning project at WEFTEC.17.

Welcome to the Power of Claros, the Water Intelligence System from Hach

What could you do with a complete picture of your plant's instrument, data and process management?

Aerzen AERprocess Dissolved Oxygen Control Technology

Aerzen's AERprocess dissolved oxygen control is an integrated solution for controlling DO concentration and blowers in an activated sludge treatment system.

Krohne Level Solutions at WEFTEC.17

Krohne's Rich Lowrie, WWW industry manager, provides an overview of all level product offerings for use in water and wastewater applications, including the latest 80 GHz and TDR solutions.

First Look at the New Type-57P Butterfly Valve

The CPVC Type-57P butterfly valve from Asahi/America is ideal for aggressive chemical and high temperature applications, and provides increased cycle life, durability and reliability.

Ovivo BioAlgaNyx Phagotrophic Algae for Sludge Digestion

An application of algae that consumes bacteria and other pathogens without the need for sunlight to cut operating costs in sludge digestion.

Krausz's Hymax Large-Diameter Couplings

Wide-range capability on one-piece, large diameter products with only four top-facing bolts with 4 degrees of dynamic deflection.

GridBee SN Series THM/VOC Removal System: 30-Second Operation Demonstration #2

A close-up view of in-tank operation.

De Nora Launches Next-Generation Capital Controls Gas Feed Cabinet

The redesigned cabinets are compact, easy to choose and easy to use, incorporating existing Capital Controls technology with new features.

WEFTEC.17 Final Day Wrap-Up

WWD editors Bob Crossen and Lauren Baltas highlight sessions and booth visits from the final day on the show floor of WEFTEC.17.

WEFTEC.17 Day 2 Wrap-Up

WWD editors Bob Crossen and Lauren Baltas recap the second day of WEFTEC.17 at McCormick Place.

WEFTEC.17 Day 1 Wrap-Up

Managing Editor Bob Crossen and Associate Editor Lauren Baltas review their first day of WEFTEC.17 in Chicago.

Flygt Concertor Genesee County (Mich.) Case Study

Watch this video to learn how GCDC-WWS used Flygt's Concertor artificial intelligence at a major pump station to solve a reliability problem.

Impeller Mixers: Easy Install in Full Tank

PAX Water Mixers are easy to install and maintain—no heavy cranes, lifting equipment or tank alterations are required. If a municipality prefers to keep its tank full, PAX mixers can easily be lowered through the tank hatch or installed by a diver.

The Finescreen Monster Makes Pretreatment Processes Flow With Ease

The Finescreen Monster is responsible for removing solids and protecting plants from small pieces of trash that easily slip through coarse screens.

Advanced Monitoring: Top Reasons to Use

Use Mission's adaptable portal across all devices to monitor information. See all units at a glance with more than 50 reports, data views, charts and graphs.

Mueller Hydro-Guard HG-6 Automated Flushing System

This technical animation shows how the Hydro-Guard HG-6 automatic flushing system works. It can be installed in the water distribution system anywhere a fire hydrant is available.

Assmann Full Drain Outlet Assembly Video

This video demonstrates the durability of Assmann’s patented Full Drain Outlet (FDO) assembly by pulling a water-filled 4,100-gal single-wall vertical tank by the FDO.

Actina TechnoFlash Clip

Actina is advanced pellet softening for drinking water treatment.

Upgraded Pumping System Eliminates Clogging

The Valley Forge (Pa.) Sewer Authority system has pumped clog-free and maintenance-free for 14 years.

Franklin Miller Dimminutor

The Dimminutor provides automatic screening and grinding of liquid-borne solids with a straight-through open-channel design. This unit reduces plastics, wood, vegetable matter, disposables and other oversized items to a fine particulate.

High-Strength Sewage Treatment Plant (MyFAST) Installation

The MyFAST 60,000-gpd wastewater treatment system is installed under the parking lot of the Los Cabos International Convention Center. The water is reused for toilet flushing and to irrigate the 2700-cu-m green wall that covers the building's façade.

3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division

3M SPSD manufactures Liqui-Cel membrane contactors for chemical-free dissolved gas control and Liqui-Flux ultrafiltration modules to meet fluid separation challenges.