Sewage Grinders Protecting Pumps in Private Facilities

Two shafted grinders are suitable for private facility sewage. See pump protection options for hospitals, apartments, prisons, resorts and more. Rags and wipes are no problem.

Pumps & Valves

Sewage Grinders Protecting Pumps in Private Facilities

Two shafted grinders are suitable for private facility sewage. See pump protection options for hospitals, apartments, prisons, resorts and more. Rags and wipes are no problem.

Vaughan Rotamix Pumps Chop on WEFTEC.17 Show Floor

Rotamix Sales Manager Bob Simonetti explains how the Vaughan Rotamix chopper pump aids in processes at the Kenosha Water Utility.

Xylem's Godwin NS1505 Dri-Prime Pump

Kevin Snow discusses the first-in-series Godwin NC1505, a member of the Xylem's Godwin S Series that offers unmatched control an piece of mind anytime and anywhere.

First Look at the New Type-57P Butterfly Valve

The CPVC Type-57P butterfly valve from Asahi/America is ideal for aggressive chemical and high temperature applications, and provides increased cycle life, durability and reliability.

Flygt Concertor Genesee County (Mich.) Case Study

Watch this video to learn how GCDC-WWS used Flygt's Concertor artificial intelligence at a major pump station to solve a reliability problem.

Upgraded Pumping System Eliminates Clogging

The Valley Forge (Pa.) Sewer Authority system has pumped clog-free and maintenance-free for 14 years.

PR Pressure-Reducing Valve

This video highlights exactly what happens internally in a pressure-reducing valve.

Altitude Valve

See how a level control valve manages the levels in above ground storage tanks.

2SC-PCO Dual Solenoid Control & Flowmeter

Hydraulic control valves can be fully controlled electronically with some useful features.

KSB Reveals New F-Max Impeller Technology at WEFTEC 2016

There is no efficiency in a clogged pump. Let the next-generation KSB KRT help you conquer the clog.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Highlights Peristaltic Pumps

National Sales Manager Rick Balek talks about Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps with WWD Associate Editor Bob Crossen on the WEFTEC 2016 show floor.

Channel Monster

The patented Channel Monster integrates rotating screening drums with Muffin Monster grinder technology. The system accommodates high flows while shredding solids into particles that flow harmlessly through pumps, pipes and processes.

JWC Solutions for Facility Sewage

Nursing homes, apartments, jails and sporting arenas all produce high solid sewage that can clog pipes and pumps. JWC has solutions for all of them.

Operators Discuss Underground Pump Stations

Employees of the sanitary district at Scarborough, Maine, discusses their appreciation for Smith & Loveless underground pump stations, which comes from the systems’ ease of use, safety and reliability.

Flygt Experior Clog-Free Pumping

The Flygt Experior pumping solution combines the functionality of N-technology, premium efficiency motors and intelligent controls to offer efficient, clog-free pumping.

Insta-Valve 250 Insertion Valve

The IV 250 insertion valve is a permanent resilient seat wedge insertion valve that is NSF 61 classified, is rated to 250 psi and stops flow in all types of pipe. Video shows features and benefits of the Insta-Valve 250 and an installation animation.

EZ Valve—One Technology, Two Functions

A comprehensive overview of the features, benefits and under-pressure installation of EZ Valve for either permanent insertion valve or temporary line stop applications.

Myers V Series Grinders Shred Wastewater Challenges

From personal hygiene products to whole mops and more, the Myers V Series Grinders shreds whatever gets in its way. With its patent-pending axial cutter design, the Myers V Series Grinders effectively macerates challenging sewage solids.

EZ-Valve: Easy Insertion Valves and Line Stops

Demonstrating how the EZ-Valve system delivers fast insertion valves or line stops while saving time and money.

New Line of Above-Grade Pumping Systems

The Everlast line improves on Smith & Loveless' classic two-pump models by offering a stylish new look and enclosure, convenient package options and excellent warranty protection.

PVM: Replacing Cartridge Seal

Pentair’s new PVM(x) pumps come standard with an easily replaceable mechanical seal. Watch now for step-by-step instructions.

Pump Successful in Panama City Drydock Application

Hear Afloat Repairs' vice president describe the requirements and success of a recent installation in Panama, where 100-year-old pumps were replaced with Pioneer standard centrifugal pumps.

Vertical Auger Monster

JWCE introduces the new Vertical Auger Monster, which is designed to attach to the wall of a pump station, screen out rags and disposable wipes, and protect pumps from ragging and clogging.

HPE Premium Efficiency Solution

This video describes Pentair Hydromatic's HPE solution for premium efficient wastewater pumps.

Your Winning Move for Backflow Prevention

Patented by Red Valve Company and Tideflex Technologies, the CheckMate inline check valve is ideal for backflow prevention and odor mitigation in outfalls and storm water, CSO and SSO applications.

Commercial Market North Aurora

In North Aurora, Ill., Pentair produces commercial pump products that are used all over the world.

Chopper Pump Demo Video

Since 1960, Vaughan Co. has installed more than 30,000 pumps worldwide. It guarantees the non-clog performance of all its centrifugal chopper pumps and works with customers to assure low life-cycle costs.

50-cfm vs. 15-cfm Priming Times

Plug-and-play priming gets any vacuum-primed Pioneer Pump running with ease. See the time difference between Venturi- and vacuum-primed pumps.


Wesley Haskell, Southeast regional sales manager for EBARA, shows off the company’s packaged pump systems at WEFTEC 2013.

Vaughan: Chopper Pumps

Not much can stand up to a Chopper Pump.

EZ2 Insertion Valve System

The Advanced Valve Technologies EZ2 system is uniquely designed, meets all material and performance expectations and delivers a fast, permanent alternative to traditional methods. Sizes: 4-14 in., 20 in. and 24 in.

Size Reduction Processor

The Dimminutor effectively reduces wastewater solids in open channel installations. This unit features a high-capacity, low-head-loss design that is reliable, efficient and easy to maintain.

Transformational 350-psi Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

The Mueller style A-2361 resilient wedge gate valve features innovative dual-purpose lifting lugs, a user-friendly T-head bolt retention design and a unique "pressure assist" wedge geometry.

Municipal Grind

From mop heads to prison jumpsuits—you name it, it's in this video. JWC grinders are designed to handle tough, fibrous and organic debris that finds its way into the waste stream.

16-in. IVP 250 Installation Animation

The 16-in. IVP 250 from Hydra-Stop is the next generation of permanent, insertable gate valves offering increased strength, improved performance, and simplified installation and operation.

Recovery of Thermal Energy from Wastewater

Right below the ground is a hidden source of energy: wastewater with a temperature of 50 to 70°F. This makes wastewater an excellent energy source for the operation of a heat pump.

Myers V² Series Grinder

Take a look at Myers' new single-stage centrifugal grinder with patent-pending advanced cutter technology.

The Singer Advantage

Singer Valve designs and manufactures automatic control valves for the global water industry. Check out this video to see what makes Singer different.

Preventing Backflow with Inline Check Valves

Patented by Red Valve Company and Tideflex Technologies, the CheckMate inline check valve is ideal for backflow prevention and odor mitigation in outfalls and storm water, CSO and SSO applications.

Pentair at WEFTEC.14

Andrew Crawford, regional sales manager, and Nicole Osborne, product marketing manager for Pentair, discuss recent improvements made to the Hydromatic HPE submersible solids handling pump at WEFTEC 2014.