How to Set a Plast-O-Matic Pressure Regulator

How to set a Plast-O-Matic regulator to reduce pipeline pressure to a safe, usable level and to protect spray heads, filters and downstream instruments.

Pipe & Distribution

How to Set a Plast-O-Matic Pressure Regulator

How to set a Plast-O-Matic regulator to reduce pipeline pressure to a safe, usable level and to protect spray heads, filters and downstream instruments.

Krausz's Hymax Large-Diameter Couplings

Wide-range capability on one-piece, large diameter products with only four top-facing bolts with 4 degrees of dynamic deflection.

Reliable Connections

This video explains how the people and the products that make up Mueller brands work together to connect people to vital natural resources through the safe and dependable operation of its flow control products.

Xylem Quickly Delivers Emergency Bypass to Major U.S. Sewer Main

When a 96-in. sewer main failed in Memphis, it could have been a disaster. Instead, the city had an emergency response plan in place, and Xylem installed a 160-mgd sewer bypass in just six days. What would you do if your sewer main collapsed?

Industry Experts in Storage Applications

Tank Connection is a global leader in dry bulk and liquid storage systems, providing a complete performance package to suit clients' needs.

Hymax Technology by Krausz

Hymax products offer advanced stab-on design, enabling fast installation, which reduces time in the ditch, and allows 4 degrees of dynamic deflection on each side.

Hydrant Safety Flange Training Video

Water utility personnel install a new safety flange, repair the hydrant and help granny get back behind the wheel in this new training video.

Hydra-Stop University: Line Stop Completion Process

This video tutorial features the HSF 250 line stop fitting. It covers the tapping machine from setup for completion to the final blind flange installation.

Building a Better Tomorrow

CST Industries is building a better tomorrow with glass-fused-to-steel technology, exceptional dealers and dedicated employees. It is manufacturing and building on more than 100 years of experience in the storage tank business.

The Advantages of Using Coated RAC

Watch this brief intro video outlining the benefits of using PVC-coated aluminum conduit. Save time and money and protect your facility from costly shutdowns due to corrosion. Calbond manufactures PVC-coated RAC at a facility in California.

Securing Fire Hydrants with Hydrant-Defender

Keeping a hydrant secure means protecting water assets from a number of variables. John Alston, operations superintendent for Bozeman, Montana, talks about his use of the Hydrant-Defender security device from Mueller Company.

Automatic Flushing Achieves Cost Savings for Birmingham

Mac Underwood, general manager of the Birmingham Water Works Board, discusses his experiences controlling water loss with Mueller Company's Hydro-Guard automatic flushing system.

Pipeline Leak Repair Solutions Make an Impact

Mike Lent, superintendent of the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, speaks about his use of Mueller Company's pipe repair products and their benefits.

Asahi/America at WEFTEC.15

Another corrosion problem solved. Asahi/America’s Rick Siberine demonstrates how to weld the Poly-Flo polypropylene and polyethylene double wall piping system at WEFTEC in Chicago.

Pipe vs. Conduit Whiteboard

Calbrite offers a complete line of stainless steel conduits, fittings, struts and accessories. Watch this video to see the advantages Calbrite conduits offer over pipe.

Monroeville Experience with Service Brass

General Manager William Snyder talks about the Monroeville, Ala., water distribution system, important features when selecting service brass and why he prefers to work with Mueller Co. and Consolidated Pipe.

Fusing Polypropylene Pipe with the Acrobat 160

Join the McElroy University crew as they go into the field for a boiler system install with polypropylene pipe. Learn about proper pipe preparation, machine operations, fusion procedures and joint inspection.

Talon 2000 for 54-in. OD to 2000-mm OD Pipe Fusion

The Talon 2000—McElroy's biggest machine to date—brings a new way to fuse large-diameter thermoplastic pipe that is growing in demand to replace aging infrastructure and increase capacity for a variety of today's applications.

Setup & Deployment of a QuickCamp

Watch how to properly unload and deploy McElroy's QuickCamp—a lighted, insulated and climate-controlled shelter for fusing thermoplastic pipe from 8 in. IPS to 36 in. OD (225 mm to 900 mm) day or night under all weather conditions.

Hymax Versa

Check out this versatile coupling that gives the option to join two separate pipes or wrap around the damaged section of a pipe.

Calbond Certified Installer Training Video

This brief video guides you through Calbond certified installation procedures for PVC-coated conduit, including clamping, cutting and threading, bending and repair.

Industrial Fire Pumps

Offshore, onshore and between shores, Pentair industrial fire pumps are designed to meet the toughest demands. Whether the water source is above grade or below, look to Pentair for the most advanced and proven solutions.

DuroMaxx SRPE: The Next Generation Pipe

DuroMaxx combines two proven pipe construction materials; polyethylene and steel. By encapsulating structural steel within polyethylene, DuroMaxx sets the standard in durability, flexibility and hydraulic capacity.

Integrity in Every Tank We Build

From design to construction, DN Tanks provides the highest quality prestressed concrete water and wastewater tanks, offering the best long-term value with unsurpassed customer service and satisfaction.

Infrastructure Vertical Market

This video focuses on Pentair's infrastructure vertical market. Pentair aims to deliver adaptive, industry-leading solutions that help insure a safer, healthier future for all.

KAM How-to Series: Termination Enclosure

The Keller America how-to series simplifies installation for common accessories. This episode showcases the Keller America termination enclosure.

An Introduction to Calbrite

See why Calbrite is a leader in stainless steel conduit systems with its brief product and processes video.

Fire Protection Solutions

This video presents pumps and custom packaged fire systems from Pentair.

Saddle Mount Diffuser Assembly

Demonstrating the ease of the Saddle Mount patented system.

Super Strut Assembly

Demonstrating the simplicity of EDI's patented Super Strut.

KAM How-to Series: Drying Tube Assembly

The Keller America how-to series simplifies installation for common accessories. This episode is about vent tube termination using a drying tube.

KAM How-to Series: Cable Hanger

The Keller America how-to series simplifies installation for common accessories. This episode is about using a cable hanger.

KAM How-to Series: Bellows Assembly

The Keller America how-to series simplifies installation for common accessories. This episode is about the Bellows Assembly.

If You Have an Edge, We Have a Trim

Trim-Lok Inc. is Southern California's premier manufacturer of vinyl and rubber extrusions. Visit or e-mail [email protected] for a free catalog and samples.

Extend Electrical System Life Spans in Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Thomas & Betts offers many product solutions, for problems such as corrosion and liquid ingress, which extend the lives of electrical systems in water treatment facilities.

SpectraShield Liner Systems at WEFTEC.13

Gary Mock, a licensed installer for SpectraShield Liner Systems, explains the advantages of SpectraShield’s manhole liner systems at WEFTEC 2013.

Improving Quality of Life with Wastewater Solutions

For over four decades, AIRVAC has provided communities throughout the world with sewage collection systems that are cost-effective, reliable and easy to maintain.

Florida Keys Case Study

Coral rock, high groundwater and the probability of power outages were all issues in the Florida Keys, so the AIRVAC vacuum sewer system was a perfect fit.

Helping Systems Operate with Maximum Efficiency and Minimal Cost

Customer support and service—including assistance with planning, design, construction and operation—is provided every step of the way for your AIRVAC vacuum sewer system.

Hooper, Utah, Utilizes Vacuum Sewer Technology

Fast-growing Hooper, Utah, has installed an AIRVAC vacuum sewer system to replace septic tanks and drain fields, which were contaminating the ground water.