Editorial Highlights: April 2017

Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Lisican showcases a handful of features to read in the April 2017 issue of Water & Wastes Digest.


Editorial Highlights: April 2017

Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Lisican showcases a handful of features to read in the April 2017 issue of Water & Wastes Digest.

Editorial Highlights: March 2017

Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Lisican points out some key features to read in the March 2017 issues of WWD and iWWD.

Transforming Water, Enriching Life

Evoqua is making water safer for people, municipalities, industry and the environment. Learn more.

How Do You Build a Monster in the 21st Century? By Hand

This time-lapse video shows three large industrial filter presses being built for a power plant to filter sulfur from the plant's emissions. These Evoqua filter presses were built under the JWI brand.

If a Centrifuge Works in Theory, Why Make It Bulletproof?

Chemical manufacturing can push the limits of even advanced materials. For one producer in the Netherlands, not even high-grade titanium could resist the corrosion caused by rising temperatures and highly concentrated hydrochloric acid.

Industrial Fire Pumps

Offshore, onshore and between shores, Pentair industrial fire pumps are designed to meet the toughest demands. Whether the water source is above grade or below, look to Pentair for the most advanced and proven solutions.

Ultra-Efficient Wastewater Nutrients

Probiotic Solutions Micro Carbon Technology-based phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient products bring cost savings to pulp & paper and food & drink processing facilities' wastewater treatment.

Probiotic Solutions at WEFTEC.13

Shawn Whitmer, director of engineering and probiotic solutions for Probiotic Solutions, outlines the benefits of using Micro Carbon Technology in wastewater treatment applications at WEFTEC 2013.

Providing Optimum Protection in Harsh Environments

Allied Moulded Products, a NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure Manufacturer—company and product line introduction. Learn more at

The Answer Is Simplicity

Sanitaire ICEAS advanced SBR combines aeration, mixing, clarification and decanting into a simple, reliable wastewater treatment process that includes nutrient removal.

WWETCO FlexFilter Compressible Media Filter from WesTech

The WWETCO FlexFilter from WesTech utilizes compressible media to provide an efficient and innovative new solution for CSO, tertiary treatment and industrial water pretreatment.

Turbo and Hybrid Blower Demonstration

Watch this video to visit Aerzen USA's testing facility and check out a demonstration of the High Speed Turbo Blower plus Hybrid Blower.

Kaeser Compressors: The Benefits of Package and System Integration

Kaeser's blower product manager, Stephen Horne, explains how wastewater treatment facilities can benefit from utilizing blower package and system integration for increased efficiency.

Kaeser Compressors: The Kaeser Experience

As a global leader in manufacturing compressed air systems, Kaeser’s goal is to provide exceptional customer service coupled with innovative products and progressive system solutions.

The Kaeser Experience

Since the day it opened its doors, Kaeser's mission has been to deliver long-term value to its customers. Discover the Kaeser difference for yourself.

Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Mazzei provides chemical injection for wastewater plants, ozone mass transfer systems to deal with EDCs, wastewater aeration systems and end-of-pipe aeration systems.

Kaeser Compressors at WEFTEC.14

Stephen Horne, product manager for Kaeser Compressors, displays the company’s blower packages at WEFTEC 2014.

Explore a New Screw Blower

Kaeser Compressors has brought the energy efficiency savings of its Sigma Profile to the low-pressure world with its line of rotary screw blower packages.

Kaeser's Line of Rotary Screw Blower Packages

Kaeser screw blowers use up to 35% less energy than conventional rotary blowers and even achieve significant energy savings compared to currently available screw blowers.

Energy-Efficient System Design for Wastewater Treatment Plants: System-Splitting

Energy is a huge portion of a WWTP’s operating costs, and aeration blowers are significant users. System-splitting with adaptive control reduces electrical, maintenance and initial investment costs.

Energy Efficient Aeration

The Aerzen Delta Hybrid is a combination of PD blower and screw compressor technologies that provides high energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Why Festo?

Festo is a global leader in automation, and a world market leader in industrial basic and further training. They are engineers of productivity.

Kaeser Compressors at WEFTEC.12

Calvin Wallace, sales manager at Kaeser Compressors, highlights the full Omega blower package at WEFTEC 2012.

Alcoa Foundation - Advancing Sustainability Research Initiative

The Alcoa Foundation is funding research and education regarding responsible industrial wastewater management in Russia through the Responsible Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development project.