Video Demonstrates Sizing and Selecting Pumps for -STEP and LPP Systems

MORGANTOWN, WV- Titled "Effluent Pumps for Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Selecting the Right Pump for the Job," the video describes and defines the components of each system and basic terminology. It discusses four different impeller designs (open, semi-open, closed, and vortex), along with applications of each design. Viewers are encouraged to check with the local governing regulations or codes before starting any project.

The video gives example calculations for sizing and selecting pumps for an LPP system and STEP system and states that the same pump selection principle for these systems will also apply to sand, peat, and mound systems. The video shows how to plot the flow rate and total dynamic head needed on manufacturers' performance curves to select the pump. The video recommends that the system be checked at least once a year, or more if required. Fact sheets supplement the video with frequently asked questions and tables to help calculate flow rates, pump capacity, and pump control differential.

This video can be a helpful resource for contractors/developers, engineers, managers, state regulatory agency personnel, and public health officials. Call the NSFC at (800) 624-8301 or (304) 293-4191 and request Item #WWPKDM97. Orders may also be placed via e-maii at [email protected].

Located at West Virginia University, the NSFC is a nonprofit organization funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to provide free and low-cost information about small community wastewater treatment. For more information, visit NSFC's Web site at

National Small Flows Clearinghouse

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