USFilter Offers Replacement Cartridges for Competitors' Lab Water Systems

USFilter offers a complete range of competitively priced replacement cartridges for laboratory water systems manufactured by Barnstead and Millipore.
In addition to replacement cartridges for the Millipore four-bowl and five-bowl Milli-Q and Super-Q systems, USFilter now offers replacement cartridges for the Milli-Q Academic, Biocel, Synthesis, Element and Gradient systems. USFilter also offers carbon, DI and quadpacks for the Milli-Q AFS, Milli-Q Quad pack style system and Milli-Q three-bowl style system.
USFilter's laboratory system replacement cartridges use high-quality resin that offers high capacity. The cartridges are packaged in vacuum-sealed bags to extend resin life and cartridge shelf life.

USFilter - A Siemens Company

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