Xylem Launches New Disinfection System

WEDECO Spektron e UV series is energy efficient, environmentally friendly

Xylem Inc., a global water technology company, has launched a next-generation ultraviolet closed-vessel reactor that delivers environmentally friendly disinfection of the highest possible standard for drinking water.

Xylem's WEDECO brand is renowned within the industry for its expertise in ultraviolet (UV) disinfection for drinking water and this proficiency has produced the WEDECO Spektron e UV series. Harnessing the power of UV disinfection eliminates the risk of harmful by-product formation, such as trihalomethanes (THMs), for example, which can be caused by chlorination. By changing the DNA of germs and bacteria, UV prevents further cell division, rendering more than 99.99% of all pathogens harmless in seconds.

One of the secrets to the energy efficiency of the WEDECO Spektron e is that it uses the power of WEDECO ECORAY UV lamps. Particularly in dim mode the ECORAY lamps deliver energy savings of up to 20% and use up to 80% less mercury than previous generation lamps. Xylem's WEDECO Spektron e UV series has been certified by Austrian ONORM and German DVGW directives as well as the United States Evinronmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM). The innovative solution is aimed at the municipal drinking water market for flows from 200 gal per minute to more than 11,000,000 gal per day.

Jay Jordan, disinfection and oxidation market manager for Xylem said, "The new WEDECO Spektron e UV series is designed to meet all common disinfection requirements including 3-log Cryptosporidium reduction. Being evaluated to all norms, it will fit any conventional requirements for drinking water."

The WEDECO Spektron e UV system is equipped with an automatic wiping system and improved hydraulics conditions inside the reactor. Whilst the smaller units will continue to be equipped with WEDECO's CrossMix module, the larger units will have the newly developed OptiCone installed. This patent-pending flow diverter ensures optimal hydraulic conditions inside the reactor under all inlet piping configurations.

The excellent performance of the units will be continuously monitored by an ÖNORM compliant UV sensor that fulfils reference sensor requirements.


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