Ultra-Dry Solids Once Again Achievable in North America

The durability and ultra-dry solids capability of Tomoe centrifuge technologies have not been available in North America for several years. Now, through the market strength of Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, the marketplace can once again enjoy the benefits of the world’s most effective centrifuge technologies.
Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, the longtime leader in high-efficiency dewatering, has combined its know-how with Tomoe technologies to bring the industry the full advantages of ultra-dry solids in a centrifugally based dewatering option.
According to Robert Williams, president of Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, “The performance attributes of these advanced centrifuge systems have been proven in over 7,000 installations worldwide (over 400 of which are installed in the U.S.). These systems are an important addition to the dewatering options that we presently provide to the industry.”
The ultra-dry solids, Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, W Series centrifuge—employing Tomoe technologies—combines 3,200 plus Gs; centrifugally cast stainless steel bowls; sintered tungsten carbide tiles; and patented quasi-axial conveyor design.
Ashbrook Simon-Hartley maintains major service hubs in the U.S., the U.K. and Chile, with local and regional representation in virtually every part of the world.

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

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