Aug 21, 2015

Horizontal Mixer Suited for Large, Underground Water Storage Tanks

Mixer offers variable angle capability

Powerful mixing is an essential tool for eliminating thermal and chemical stratification inside water storage tanks and maintaining consistent water quality. While underground tanks tend to be better insulated and less prone to thermal stratification than aboveground tanks, they face significant disadvantages when it comes to water quality.

Underground tanks are often shallow and rectangular with numerous support columns that block horizontal flow and prevent thorough mixing. In these tanks, horizontal mixing is key, and the PAX Water Variable Angle Mixer (PWM-VAM) is ideally suited for this flow pattern.

Using a patented impeller technology, the PWM-VAM creates a powerful vortex flow pattern that pushes large volumes of water across the length of the reservoir. The variable angle capability enables the mixer to be adjusted and optimized for the ideal combination of horizontal and vertical mixing, adjusting to the tank’s shape and size. The PWM-VAM also enables rapid and thorough blending of disinfectant for safe and effective dosing.

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