Pima County, Ariz., Completes Wastewater Reclamation Facilities

Parsons honored for substantial completion of Tres Rios and Agua Nueva reclamation facilities

Pima County, Ariz., honored Parsons is at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 9, 2014, for its work on the Regional Optimization Master Plan (ROMP), including substantial completion of two wastewater reclamation facilities (WRF) projects:  Tres Rios and Agua Nueva in Tucson, Ariz.

“We congratulate our team for this outstanding accomplishment,” said Virginia Grebbien, Parsons group president. “As a result of 6 years of hard work and dedication by our team, this project achieved cost savings and obtained major milestones on time and, in many cases, ahead of schedule.”

Parsons is one of the two firms serving jointly as the consultant program manager and is responsible for systems support and technical expertise regarding project controls, quality assurance/quality control, and program oversight.

After almost a decade of planning, design, and construction, the program is approaching completion with major achievements and cost savings. Accomplishments include a savings of more than $114 million—the original ROMP budget was $720 million and is currently forecast to finish at $605 million—and mandated regulatory compliance dates—to improve the effluent quality discharged to the Santa Cruz River from the Tres Rios WRF and the Roger Road WRF—that were achieved months ahead of schedule. In addition, the odor control systems have been completed and are operational system-wide. These systems are controlling odors that have been problematic for county residents in the past. Moreover, the county’s oldest treatment facility, the Roger Road WRF, has been taken offline.

Completion of the Tres Rios and Agua Nueva WRF projects is slated for December 2014.

Parsons Corp.

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