Apr 10, 2007

Treated Wastewater Used in Arizona Golf Course Irrigation

Two golf courses in Anthem, Ariz. are benefiting from irrigation by ultraviolet (UV) treated wastewater. Founded less than 10 years ago, Anthem, a town just north of Phoenix, now has a population of over 40,000. As part of its rapid expansion the town recently installed Aquionics UV disinfection technology to ensure its water and wastewater is as clean as possible. Two local golf courses are currently using a combination of UV treated wastewater and fresh river water for irrigation. With the increase in population, it is expected that the courses will soon be using wastewater exclusively.

Maintenance on the system is minimal, with periodic replacement of the UV lamps carried out by on-site staff. An automatic cleaning mechanism keeps lamp sleeves free of organic deposits for consistent UV dosing. Each chamber is also fitted with UV monitors to measure actual UV dose for record keeping. With the addition of an optional online transmittance monitor, real time transmittance values are used to automatically adjust the dose pacing of the UV system.

Anthem was voted the "best place to raise a family" by Parenting Magazine in 2003 and "one of the best places to live in Arizona" by Phoenix Magazine.