TraceDetect Wins 'New Technology' Award for Automated Arsenic Analyzer

TraceDetect, Inc., an analytical instrumentation company specializing in products that measure trace metals announced that they have earned the People's Choice Award for the "most useful new or improved product" at the ACE'05 Annual Conference of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The SafeGuard automated arsenic analyzer garnered the top prize in this year's New Product Technology Showcase at the San Francisco conference held in June.
SafeGuard is the first automated analyzer with the accuracy required
to meet the EPA established arsenic limit for drinking water. Water quality analysts are accustomed to waiting two weeks for arsenic analyses from off-site laboratories. In addition to the prolonged health risks to customers, violators risk stiff fines for each day their arsenic levels exceed the limit. SafeGuard reduces those risks by displaying test results on-site in 30 minutes.
"We are pleased at the overwhelming positive response to our SafeGuard arsenic analyzer," says Richard Brewer, CEO, TraceDetect. "Our goal is to provide community water quality departments a simple way to track their arsenic levels. They require immediate results to monitor the effectiveness of their arsenic removal media, as well as the blending of waters to meet specs.
This is especially urgent as we approach the new EPA 10 part per billion (ppb) limit that takes effect in January."
“Accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use were among the top requirements as we developed the SafeGuard analyzer," adds Dr. William Dietze, chief technical officer, TraceDetect. "SafeGuard measures total arsenic down to 1 ppb in less than 30 minutes, without requiring a chemist to operate the instrument and interpret the results. SafeGuard results have excellent correlation to those reported by third party analytical laboratories [using ICP-MS techniques]."

TraceDetect, Inc.

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