TRA Reports Wastewater Spill From Walnut Creek Trunk Interceptor

The Trinity River Authority has experienced a wastewater spill from its Walnut Creek Trunk Interceptor that transports wastewater generated in Mansfield, Texas.

The spill is a direct result of the discharge of grease from unknown sources within the city that have coated the interior walls and reduced the carrying capacity of the 24-inch pipeline. Discharge of grease in volumes sufficient to cause this problem is prohibited under the terms of TRA's wastewater service contract.

TRA was informed of the problem during the afternoon of February 5, 2002. Since the spill was located by TRA it is estimated that approximately 144,000 gallons of wastewater have been discharged in an undeveloped portion of Lloyd Park at Lake Joe Pool.

Most of the discharged wastewater remains in the immediate vicinity of the manhole from which it discharged, but some of the flow did make it to a tributary of Walnut Creek, and ultimately Lake Joe Pool. How much wastewater actually reached the lake is unknown, but because of recent rainfall and runoff the wastewater was extremely diluted and should not pose a public health threat.

TRA has mobilized its in house work force and obtained a contractor to contain as much wastewater as possible and eliminate the grease blockage within the pipeline. Once the pipeline is fully functional the contained wastewater will be pumped back into the collection system. Any remaining grease and debris in the effected area will be removed.

The Trinity River Authority

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