Dec 03, 2009

TIGG Corp. Announces Successful Completion of West Monroe, La., Contract

Company designed, fabricated and assembled multimedia filtration system

TIGG Corp. was awarded the contract for the West Monroe Municipal Water Treatment System Upgrade, valued in excess of $500,000. This project for TIGG signifies entry into a new market as well as establishing new capabilities for steel tank and pressure vessel fabrication, the company said.

After an assessment conducted by local authorities, the city of West Monroe, La., upgraded its municipal drinking water facility to accommodate a growing population and to meet drinking water standards for color. TIGG designed, fabricated and assembled a complete multimedia filtration system to remove treatment solids and to process a flow of 1.7 to 2.6 million gal a day. The system consists of five separate 150 psi vessels, a carbon steel pipe rack (including interconnecting piping for influent, effluent and backwash flows) and automated (air actuated) valves to allow forward and backwash flows through the system.

TIGG put its manufacturing capabilities to the test with the West Monroe Municipal job. For the first time, it produced 10-ft diameter steel pressure vessels at its ASME code shop in Heber Springs, Ark.

“We’ve grown comfortable with manufacturing pressure vessels up to 8 ft in diameter, but this is the first time we accepted the challenge of fabricating 10 ft diameter tanks,” said Georgiana Riley, president of TIGG Corp. “We were all pleased with the results and the opportunity to demonstrate our growing fabrication capabilities.”