Aug 14, 2008

Thomas Wolfe Joins Toray Membrane USA

Toray appoints Wolfe vice president of software technology

Toray Membrane USA is pleased to announce the addition of Thomas Wolfe as vice president of software technology. Wolfe has over twenty-five years of water and energy-related process experience. Wolfe was previously the chief technical officer for Open Energy Corp. and the president/CEO of WaterEye Corp. WaterEye Corp. provided Web-based remote monitoring services and technology to water treatment operations on a worldwide basis.

In addition to renewable energy and software development, Wolfe has extensive experience with reverse osmosis and thermal processes for water production and expertise in the design of industrial systems for products such as silica, sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate and calcium salts. He was one of the early pioneers in the reverse osmosis field at General Atomic’s Reverse Osmosis General Atomic Division and has participated in many of the innovations that have made reverse osmosis a commercial product.