ThermoEnergy Earns Prestigious Award for Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technologies

New York City ARP Project Selected One of the Most Innovative Water Projects of 2005

ThermoEnergy Corp., an infrastructure technologies company that provides cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solutions for problems associated with industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and air emissions from power plants, announced that Frost & Sullivan has bestowed on the company its 2005 Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology Innovation of the Year Award.
The Award recognizes ThermoEnergy’s Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP) and ThermoFuel process as having brought significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change and competitive posture.
ARP is an adsorption process designed to remove and recover ammonia from a variety of waste streams. The ammonia is concentrated and converted to ammonium sulfate, a commercial grade fertilizer, and sold to agriculture markets worldwide. ARP is a dramatic improvement over traditional biological methods for ammonia removal because it requires approximately one-third of the capital investment and can be operated at up to 40% less.
New York City's Department of Environmental Protection recently awarded ThermoEnergy a contract to design, build and operate a 500,000 gal per day ARP system at the Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant. Once operational, this facility will significantly reduce nitrogen discharge into Long Island Sound. This project was singled out by Frost & Sullivan as one of the most innovative wastewater treatment projects in their 2005 report entitled “Advances in Water Treatment Technology.”
ThermoFuel is an innovative renewable energy process that converts waste activated sludge into a low-moisture, high-energy fuel that meets EQ Class A standards and can be used to create power on-site or as a low-cost energy resource by local industry such as cement manufacturers, municipal solid waste incinerators and utility power plants.
“ThermoEnergy is delighted that such a prestigious organization as Frost & Sullivan has recognized the impact our technology will have in the wastewater treatment industry,” said Dennis Cossey, CEO of ThermoEnergy.
The Award traditionally recognizes the quality and depth of a company’s research and development program as well as the vision and risk-taking that enabled it to undertake such an endeavor. ThermoEnergy has spent over 17 years and $20 million developing ARP, ThermoFuel and several other proprietary technologies that aim to offer cost-effective solutions for some of the world's most challenging environmental issues.
“ThermoEnergy’s innovations in wastewater treatment have significant environmental benefits while also providing cost effective and higher quality wastewater treatment. For these reasons, it is without reservation that Frost & Sullivan recognized ThermoEnergy with this Technology Innovation Award,” said Miriam Nagel, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan

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