May 09, 2011

Thames Water Officials Engage Black and Veatch to Upgrade Two Facilities

System overhaul will optimize sustainability in wastewater treatment

Black and Veatch officials have been appointed principal contractors for a program that will enhance and expand sludge treatment operations at Thames Water’s Basingstoke and Bracknell Sewage Treatment Works.

The major upgrades will convert liquid-treated waste into a sludge cake that offers a reduced risk of nitrate pollution run-off when introduced as a soil improver. Additionally, transporting sludge cakes rather than liquid sludge off site requires fewer vehicle movements resulting in cost and waste management efficiencies while reducing the treatment centers’ impact on the environment and neighboring communities.

The improvements will help ensure compliance with nitrate pollution prevention regulations that govern the application of nitrate containing fertilizers.

The upgrades will reduce the carbon footprint associated with the treatment of sewage sludge while increasing the capacity of each to accommodate future population growth.