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Feb 10, 2014

Tapping Advanced Membrane Technologies

Faced with a diminishing water supply, coastal cities frequently rely on desalination facilities for their drinking water. Permitting for new seawater desalination facilities, however, is a complex process because of the environmental effects associated with the seawater intake and brine discharge processes.

Additionally, the cost associated with seawater desalination is often criticized for being very energy-intensive and expansive. 

As the technology and treatment processes continue to advance, addressing some of these challenges, water hungry regions may reconsider this water supply alternative.

For a third consecutive year, AWWA and AMTA will team up to present the latest developments in membrane water treatment technologies at their joint 2014 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition, scheduled to take place March 10 to 14 in Las Vegas. Water & Wastes Digest looks forward to attending the conference next month to learn more about the latest membrane technology developments and applications. Be sure to visit WWD’s Membrane Technology Zone for highlights from the upcoming show.