Sep 06, 2019

IMT Series Double Wall Tanks

Assmann's polyethylene double wall storage tanks reduce the cost of expensive double wall outlets and safely contain hazardous chemicals.

assmann double wall storage tanks
Assmann IMT Series Double Wall Tanks

Assmann Corp. of America’s double wall tanks (IMT Series) provide protection against hazardous chemical spills into the environment. The inner tank dome overlaps the outer tank sidewall to prevent rainwater, snow and debris from entering the containment basin. These double wall tanks are an alternative to expensive, concrete containment basins that collect debris over time. Polyethylene double wall tanks can reduce maintenance costs by eliminating a capture point for debris when chemicals are stored outside. 

Assmann’s ability to heat trace and insulate the tanks make these useful for outdoor storage of temperature sensitive chemicals. Double wall tanks have molded-in lifting lugs for easy placement of the tank when delivered. Upper and lower fitting flats allow for easy placement of fittings.

Assmann’s metallic bottom outlet reduces the cost of expensive double wall outlets. All double wall tanks are designed with wall thicknesses equal to or greater than that required by ASTM D-1998 standards. Double wall tanks can be customized by adding seismic or wind load tie down assemblies, leak detection, ultrasonic level indicators and ladders.

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