Jun 21, 2010

Swedish Wastewater Treatment Plant Gets World’s Largest Discfilters Installation

Discfilters’ Small Size Made it Ideal for Gryaab Plant

The world’s largest Discfilters operation opened earlier this month in Sweden. Gryaab AB chose Hydrotech, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, to provide the Hydrotech Discfilter filtration solution for its wastewater treatment plant.

The Gryaab WWTP, which has a daily capacity of 864,000 cu meters, now has 32 of Hydrotech’s HSF2200-series Discfilters units, making this installation the world’s largest of its kind. The Discfilters operation started on June 3, during an official opening ceremony.

Gryaab wastewater treatment plant, located in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, needed to be upgraded in order to fulfill water treatment’s new requirements and especially for phosphorous removal. The plant was then rebuilt, including the addition of a Discfilters installation to filter all kind of effluents. A completely new denitrification facility, based on the AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology, was also installed.

As the available space was extremely limited, the Hydrotech Discfilters solution’s small footprint, compared to other techniques, made it the ideal technology for Gryaab plant’s specifications and needs, according to Veolia.