Sudbury Chooses Zenon to Upgrade Drinking Water Plant

ZENON Environmental Inc. has secured a $6 million order for its new ZeeWeed® 1000 membrane technology to treat drinking water for the City of Greater Sudbury in Ontario. This will be ZENON’s largest Canadian installation.

Sudbury has hired engineering consultant CH2M Hill to retrofit and upgrade Sudbury’s existing David Street Water Treatment Plant and allow the city to meet the requirements of the new Ontario Drinking Water Protection Regulation, which outlines more stringent standards for drinking water treatment.

Water from Lake Ramsey will be filtered using ZENON’s newest product for the drinking water market – the ZeeWeed® 1000. Wastewater produced from this process will then be sent to a second stage where the ZeeWeed® 500c, ZENON’s product for wastewater treatment, will further filter the water. This will result in greater than 99% recovery of pure, safe drinking water.

According to Andrew Benedek, ZENON’s chairman and chief executive officer, this unique two-stage design will make the Sudbury plant one of North America’s most sophisticated plants in terms of water utilization. Expected completion is set for 2003.

The company is receiving rapid acceptance of its latest ZeeWeed® 1000 technology by the engineering community among others. To date, it has secured sales in the United States, Canada and Germany with a focus to increasing its market share worldwide.

Zenon Environmental, Inc.

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